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VIM Syntax Files

These are the current syntax files I maintain or provide for others to use.

Disclaimer: The files are supplied on an as-is basis, they are used at your own risk, I cannot accept any responsibility for any problems that arise through their use.

DOS batch

Not the easiest language to program in but on Windows NT it is a darn sight easier than on MSDOS or Win95. This is a relatively straightforward syntax file as the language has a fairly simple structure.

updated! The syntax file has had a number of issues fixed to do with environment variable substitution, and number and FOR variable highlighting.

Highlighting features include:

  • Environment variable and argument highlighting.
  • Special character highlighting - for prompt command and escaped characters.
  • Support for NT command extensions.



This syntax file highlights as many elements of PostScript as possible - keywords, operators, procedures, and predefined names.

Highlighting features include:

  • User selectable language level - 1, 2, or 3
  • DSC comments
  • Display PostScript extensions (for language levels 2 and 3)
  • Ghostscript extensions.
  • Font and character encoding names (optional for slower machines).



This syntax file is based on an early version of REBOL. I hope to update the file based on the most recent release soon.

Highlighting features include:

  • REBOL’s special types - date, time, money, URL, tuples, and more.


Standard C

This syntax file is to highlight Standard C source code, and can be confgured to highlight to the C89, C94, or C99 standard. This syntax file is useful if you are developing portable Standard C code, so that extensions that your compiler supports (such as C++ // comments in C89) that may not be supported by another compiler are flagged as errors. It is better to catch these problems at edit time than from the overnight build.

Highlighting features not in the standard VIM C syntax file:

  • Function, variable, and macro identifier highlighting.
  • Operator - math, pointer, logical, and bit - highlighting.
  • Strict (almost) Standard C printf() and scanf() formatting - "%s" etc.
  • Standard C reserved macro names - such as starting with __ (double underscore).
  • Highlighting of all syntax elements within macro definitions.
  • Highlighting 0 (zero) integer constants as an octal number.

Highlighted errors:

  • Invalid logical operators - &&= and ||=.
  • Undefined escaped characters - e.g. \q.
  • Undefined string format specifiers - e.g. "%m".
  • Invalid octal numbers, as well as optionally all octal numbers to avoid any possible confusion - e.g. 0123.
  • Spaces after the line concatenation operator \ in macro and string literal declarations.
  • Trigraphs, so as to avoid unexpected character translations.
  • Obscure invalid hex constant expression like x = 0xE+y;.

Information on how to configure and extend the syntax highlight file is included in a help file that canbe installed and accessed using VIM's normal help commands. Unzip the download file into your local runtimepath directory.


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