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VIM Plugin Files

These are the VIM plugins that I have written that you may find useful.

Check VIM Online for other plugin files as well as syntax files and tips.

Disclaimer: These files are supplied on an as-is basis, they are used at your own risk, I cannot accept any responsibility for any problems that arise through their use.

Print Manager

prt_mgr.vim is a plugin that extends the printing functionality of VIM using PSUtils. It is ideally suited for printing on printers that support manual duplex printing - that is where you can feed pages printed on one side back into the printer so they are printed on the reverse side. The plugin can be used with automatic duplex printers but you will not be able to use the printer's ability to do duplex printing for you.

The plugin provides the following functionality:

  • N-up printing,
  • Duplex printing on simplex (one side only) printers, and
  • Reverse page order printing.
  • Printing to file.

Full instructions on configuring the Print Manager plugin included in the supplied help file.

Extract the files from the ZIP file into your personal runtime directory, then add the help file tags by entering :helptags ~/.vim/doc

Note: The Print Manager plugin replaces the Duplex Printing plugin (dup_prt.vim and dup_prt.txt). If you have this plugin installed then you should remove these files before using the Print Manager plugin.


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